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conner-mitchellConner Mitchell:
Having worked at some of the city’s best restaurants, Mitchell consulted on a number of wine and beverage programs. As one of the original partners of the first iteration of Dudley, Mitchell would daydream about the possibility of having the space to himself. Once the opportunity presented itself, he vowed to knock it out of the park.

Danny-SomozaDanny Somoza:
Danny and Conner forged a strong bond while working together for Brenden Collins, Danny slung some of the best food in Culver City at Akasha and created his own ice crew company to boot. Our kitchen really couldn’t be this cool without this dude.

EvelynEvelyn Goreshnik:
Having worked for some of the city’s most vibrant and popular restaurants like Alimento, Scopa, Salts Cure, and APL, a partnership with Conner Mitchell was a long time coming. So when Conner came to her, Evelyn jumped over to the westside for good! Using her former general management mind to help run the front of house, this gal knows how to sling some good juice and talk oysters!

Dave-(DK)-KollendarDavid ‘DK’ Kolendar:
Newest member to the team, our Sous Chef spent the last few years really working on his craft at Hayden, with his brother Ari. Specializing in seafood and natural wine, Hayden was the perfect backbone for the crew. He’s been a fresh and bright addition, and Conner’s new favorite fishing companion.

Josh-FischerJosh Fischer:
One of the youngest members of the team, Josh has been creating some amazing cocktail programs throughout the city, before slinging the massive amounts of wine (and beer-which he curates) over at Dudley.