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Dudley Market was born with a simple goal: real, good wine and real, good food. We’re not about flash, but rather, quality, healthy ingredients.After acquitting our commercial fishing license, Dudley’s owner Conner Mitchell has made it his mission to fish as much as possible in order to provide the freshest seafood for our customers. Most of what we catch ends up on the menu.

We strive to provide a neighborhood restaurant that is approachable, comfortable, and always sets the right mood.

Parking for Dudley Market:

Although a tricky location, there can be some parking gems if you know where to look. Here are our suggestions. But in all honesty we always suggest to Uber over if you know whats good ro you!

Parking right towards beach on Rose past speedway. Parking after 6pm is $5!

Lot on Rose and Main

Valet at the Waterfront can be accommodating too if you’re very very nice to them.

Theres always rogue parking on Rose and Pacific too if you keep an eye out.